guido ochoa propone blockchain para electrumchain

It is important to mention that the demand for gold is increasing year by year and the primary
suppliers such as mining and recycling are unable to supply the market. Gold today has a market
far beyond what we normally know as an investment or refuge, being even much bigger when
adding other consumer markets such as jewelry, electronics, etc.

For gold to once again become a refuge against cyclical declines of the markets, it is necessary to
break the existing correlation between them, while it needs to become an instrument of a new
financial system that is more flexible, that is, wherever it is more easy to negotiate read more when making
transactions and at the same time have a great capacity to generate new and innovative markets.

However, in a globalized, technological world with millions of digitized d86aily operations, gold
loses possibilities of being part of the digital world and therefore could lose value or, failing that,
not increase its value unless it adapts to the new times. Currently, it is impossible to use gold as a
transactional instrument, due in part to the difficulty of transporting it, the security required for
transportation and storage, the difficulty of its divisibility, as well as the slowness of these
processes when it is necessary to carry out exchange or transactional operations in a time of
fractions of seconds.

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